About This Project

Pipeline Services

With more than 150 miles of inline inspection (ILI) completed, Paxon has the experience and expertise to help pipeline owners and operators achieve system integrity and reliability, resulting in an extension of the asset lifecycle.

The Integrity Management Field Services team for PAXON integrates into the customer’s day-in and day-out operation through understanding regulatory compliance and maintenance requirements and providing support services to inspect for pipeline integrity threats and validating the accuracy of inspection resulting in maximizing asset safety, lifetime, and performance. Our services assure the integrity of all assets safeguarding health, security and environment (HSE)
Whether you are looking for a full-service provider or individual services to compliment your integrity management team, PAXON has the ability and experience to complete surveys on pipelines in any location or condition.

The Integrity Management Group provides the following services:

  • Pipeline Replacement Support Services
  • Strength Testing
  • Non Traditional ILI
  • Corrosion Investigation and mitigation
  • Commissioning and Decommissioning
  • Trap Maintenance
  • Debris Mapping
  • Online and Offline Inspection
  • Surveying and Setting AGMs
  • Pig Tracking Services
  • Pigging via Mechanical and Chemical Methods
  • Sand Jetting (Project Management & Field support)
  • Smart Tool Pre Cleaning and Running
Pipeline Services