Safety & Training

No job is so important, or schedule so demanding, that we cannot
take time to work around construction safely.

Paxon is committed to the prevention of Injuries and Excavation Safety for employees, members of the public, the protection of the environment affected by our operations and the prevention of loss or damage to property.


    • Strong management commitment


    • Trained and knowledgeable supervisors and employees


    • Involvement of safety professionals


    • Trained and conscientious workforce


    • Effective monitoring of the Dig-In Prevention Policy


Paxon is registered in ISNetworld and Gold Shovel, third-party administrators for Contractor Safety Management. While striving to provide superior services to those connected with Paxon, it is our obligation to keep our account at an excellent status in order to stay compliant with our clients and future clients.


Paxon’s Safety Manager, with over 30 years of Safety and OQ experience in the oil and gas industry, assures that all of the clients Safety and OQ requirements are met and maintained throughout the project.

Operator Qualifications Plan

In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, Paxon has developed an Operator Qualification Plan. This plan complies with the Department of Transportation (DOT) Office of Pipeline Safety Operations Qualifications Rule, 49 CFR Subpart N and 195 Subpart G, Qualification of Pipeline Personnel.




At Paxon we believe in training and education as elements of a strong injury and illness prevention program that can help employees find and stop workplace hazards before workers get hurt. Paxon employees get trained during new hire orientation and on an annual basis thereafter.


We work closely with Veriforce, Industrial Training Services, and utilize an online Safety program were we have access to over 80 safety modules that meet OSHA and Client requirements. Our in house safety program includes required monthly online safety training through Veriforce along with onsite safety meetings and site visits.


Our employees are required to complete safety topics each month through the Veriforce Online Safety Training Program.
Should an employee be involved in a dig-in, the employee will be retrained immediately before returning to excavation activities.

Anti-drug And Alcohol Policy

“0 Tolerance” approach to drug and alcohol

Paxon is a member of a consortium administered by Drug and Alcohol Testing of California. All employees are pre-employment and post accident tested, with quarterly random testing performed. All positive and false positive results are reviewed by a medical review officer. Paxon’s anti-drug plan meets the Research and Special Programs Administration, Drug testing Regulations, as set for in 49 CFR Part 199 and the Department of Transportation, Procedures for Transportation, Workplace Drug Testing Programs as set forth in 49 CFR Part 40.