Environmental, Social, and Governance

PAXON’s Research and Development department is heavily focused on successfully collaborating with utilities and gas operators in designing and executing tangible solutions to capture carbon during project execution, so it can be recycled and reused and, most importantly, kept out of the atmosphere. As Such, Paxon Partners with clients to help them meet their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals by Providing CROSS COMPRESSION or CARBON CAPTURE services during NATURAL GAS pipeline repairs, installations, maintenance, and integrity testing procedures.


What is Carbon Capture or Cross Compression? Cross Compression or Recompression is an innovative method that eliminates methane emissions that otherwise would have been vented, flared, or blown down into the atmosphere during pipeline installation, repair, or other integrity management related activities. Paxon’s sustainable innovative technologies equips the energy companies with new methods that eliminates their methane footprint of voluntary release from natural gas pipelines.

Cross Compression

One of Paxon’s core ESG services is the implementation of a mobile methane recapture technology called “cross compression.” Currently in use with many of the nation’s top utilities and oil and gas operators, it saves 99% of the methane that would have otherwise been flared or vented into the atmospheric greenhouse gasses during pipeline operations.  For more details on this service, click here.