Electrical Distribution PMO Support


Location: California- Statewide


  • Inspection
  • Project Management
  • As-Built Review QC Support
  • Construction Permitting Including: encroachment, demolition, construction general permits
  • Schedulers and Project Control Analysts

Paxon provides Program Management services to a major California Public Utility Company for their Electric Distribution (ED) Surge Arrester Replacement and Grounding Installation capital project to update over 90,000 poles to comply with GO95 Infractions Related to Safety and Reliability Conditions standards. Paxon’s project managers, permit coordinators, QA/QC As-Built reviewers, and Field Inspectors work with over 200 stakeholders consisting of Division Field Engineers, Asset Management, Permit Coordinators, Execution Contractor, Post Quality Assurance Field Inspectors, GIS Mapping, Business Finance, Material Planners, Customer Claims, Locate and Mark Teams, Customer Outreach Specialists to ensure timely execution of each project.