Our Services

History Working in the Oil, Gas, & Utilities Industry

PAXON has been successfully developing, planning, procuring, managing, and delivering electrical, gas and petroleum projects from Field QC of construction projects to a large group of Field Engineers and Project Managers supporting many different types of project. PAXON’s Disaster Recovery is always on notice to assist in times of devastation and has been providing Field support to the WildFire devastations in California.

Ability to Respond

We offer a locally based team that would understand the potential constraints to project development thus our services can be provided with minimal expenditure of travel dollars while maximizing the use of project budgets. This easy access to the local facilities gives us the ability to respond quickly and to communicate with Your staff effectively to successfully handle task assignments at hands throughout United states and Internationally.

Flawless Delivery

PAXON excels in evaluating and delivering optimal solutions to support our power clients’
goals. Our dedicated project team executes according to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), tailored
specifically to our clients, resulting in greater efficiencies, quality, and cost reduction. Our focused SOPs include
methodologies on Health and Safety to the peer review/sign-off process